FaceApp - AI Face Editor: FaceApp is a mobile app made by the Russian business Wireless Lab for iOS and Android that uses artificial intelligence to produce extremely realistic face changes in photos. The app can turn a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or alter sex. FaceApp: AI Face Editor | What is FaceApp? | The Viral App of 2019

FaceApp Features:
There are several options for manipulating uploaded photos such as impressions, makeup, smile, hair color, hairstyles, glasses, age or beard. Apart from this, part of the app is filter, lens blur and background, overlay, tattoos and vignette.

The gender change of the faceApp has attracted special interest from LGBT and transgender groups because they have the ability to simulate the presence of a person in the form of reverse gender in actual form.

FaceApp Advantages:
  1. When you see yourself in such a beautiful / beautiful form (through the app) after a few years, you are happy.
  2. You can post your old photos on social media to get your temporary happiness and warm comments on social media.
FaceApp Disadvantages:
  1. Your privacy may be at risk (maybe even a little chance but still).
  2. You are following the world while forgetting your identity.
FaceApp Screenshots:

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