One of the most complex smartphone topics is their processor. To begin, they are completely wrong in saying "processor" because they are more than that. This is the reason that the name commonly used by manufacturers is the SOC (System on Chip) because it tells their purpose more clearly.

What is Snapdragon

Snapdragon processors are manufactures by Qualcomm,an American based company which has its headquarter in San Diego,California.Snapdragon processors are very well known for its high quality and high performance.They are used in mobile phones and tablets. They like to be used by manufacturers in top end mobile phone devices.These are also seen in mid range mobile phone devices.

They make variety of processors which includes Dual Core,Quad Core,Hexa Core and Octa Core Processors.

Qualcomm processors are best known for their snapdragon series. They are currently the best in the Snapdragon 820 market. Snapdragon 820's main advantages are in motion, low energy consumption, 40% improvement in graphics. Graphic capabilities are the 5th generation Adreno GPU (Adreno 530).

Considering the advanced technology, the arrival of increasingly demanding content like VR or 4K, a smartphone with a processor below the 600 series is not recommended.

The fact is that Samsung has gone away from its chip, enough to talk about the quality of Snapdragon 820. Qualcomm currently holds 65% of the 4G LTE market.

Characteristics of Snapdragon:-

  1. The most secure chip-set – very little use of battery.

  2. Less heat compared to Intel or MediaTek.

  3. Adreno, a graphics plug produced by Qualcomm, is always part of this chip-set.

  4. Benchmark tests often show that the performance of the Snapdragon chip-set is better than the rest.

Here is the list of all processors made by Qualcomm Snapdragon:-

  1. Snapdragon 200 Series:- Snapdragon 200, Snapdragon 208, Snapdragon 210, Snapdragon 212.

  2. Snapdragon 400 Series:- Snapdragon 400, Snapdragon 410, Snapdragon 412, Snapdragon 415, Snapdragon 425, Snapdragon 430, Snapdragon 435.

  3. Snapdragon 600 Series:-  Snapdragon 600, Snapdragon 602A, Snapdragon 615, Snapdragon 616, Snapdragon 617, Snapdragon 625, Snapdragon 650, Snapdragon 652

  4. Snapdragon 800 Series:-  Snapdragon 800, Snapdragon 801, Snapdragon 805, Snapdragon 808, Snapdragon 810, Snapdragon 820, Snapdragon 821.Snapdragon 823,Snapdragon 830,Snapdragon 835.

Most popular processors are:-

Snapdragon 400 Series (Quad Core)

  1. Snapdragon 400(3G Chipset)

  2. Snapdragon 410(4G Chipset)

  3. Snapdragon 600 Series (Hexa Core)

What is MediaTek

Mediatek is a semiconductor company headquartered in Taiwan.It is relatively new in comparison with Qualcomm Snapdragon.Mediatek has gained popularity and organization in the mobile phone industry due to its cost-effective processor. Mediatek processors are usually used in budget and mid-range devices.

MediaTek range of processors includes a single core, dual core, quad core, hexa core, octa core and deca-core processors.

Among the latest models are Helio X10, P10 and X20. Benchmark testing shows that the X20 is ranked with Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890, but still it doesn’t find the way to the premium smartphone class.

Helio X23 and Helio X27 maintain the MiraVision EnergySmart Screen technology that allegedly reduces up to 25% battery consumption. They have the same GPU as Helio X20 ARM Mali T880 MP4.

Characteristics of MediaTek:-

  1. Not so economical chipset – Big battery consumer.

  2. Greater heating rate due to a number of processor cores.

  3. A small, graphic chip that is not produced by MediaTek is integrated within this chipset.
    Process power is supreme.

  4. In general chipsets offer more cores per processor.

Here is the list of processors made by Mediatek:-

Mediatek Processors – MT6752, MT6582, MT6592, MT6595, MT6732, MT6735, MT6737, MT6738, MT6750, MT6752, MT6753, MT6795, Helio X20, Helio X25.

Helio X20 and Helio X25 are the top end processors from Mediatek.they have been designed to take on Snapdragon 820. Helio X20 and Helio X25 are Deca-core processors which mean they have 10 cores. Ten cores are maximum for mobile phone.They are built on the new and innovative Tri-cluster CPU architecture having ten processor cores. They consume low power, gives enhanced gaming performance, supports the 32MP camera and much more.

Clock Speed of Helio X20 and X25

The Difference between Snapdragon and MediaTek

1- Processor cores in MediaTek and Snapdragon

Both MediaTek and Snapdragon are multicore processors (1-2-4-6-8-10). MediaTek started trial production of a 12 core chipset.

2- Battery life of Snapdragon and MediaTek

MediaTek chipsets are known to be high power consuming which results in shortened battery life. They are improving their processors to be more energy efficient but are still behind Snapdragon.

3- CPU and GPU in Snapdragon and MediaTek

The graphics part is better done by the Adreno GPU installed in all Snapdragon SoCs. This is especially noticeable in the high end segment. The difference in GPU performance is significantly less noticeable in the mid-range and low-end segment. Qualcomm produces its graphics chips that are best engineered to work with the processor and other components.

4- Heating

Snapdragon processors are generally less prone to heating compared to MediaTek.

5- Performance

Performance wise MediaTek’s processors are solid performing.Snapdragon has even better performance in multi-tasking, handling heavy and intensive tasks and gaming.

Comparison of Snapdragon vs MediaTek



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