What is Google Assistant?

Friends, today we will talk about Ok Google, which is now featured in every smartphone. But we do not use it much. So, Google Assistant talks about some good commands.

OK Google, Call and Text

This is the easiest, if you have not used this feature, try it now. Google Assistant can call anyone from your Contact List, all you need to do is call that contact name, and call will be done. And if that person has more than one number then he will ask you to choose. And as such you can also try the text command, so if you have to send a text message to someone. Like, say, 'I am just on the way.' Then after that he will ask you to select the app and if you want you can also edit the text.

OK Google, Let’s Navigate

This means that if you are stuck in traffic or you do not know the name of any area, then Google sends you help. For this, you have to say "where i am" in it. So in this way Google will show you the right direction. If you have to go somewhere then you just call the name of that place, Google will take you, if you are walking on foot and you need public transport i.e. just a bus or a train, it also has its facility. You just have to say "Next Train To" Next Bus To ". Google does not call such number all the numbers, brother solutions are great.

OK Google, Create Reminders and Events

Just say "Remind Me" and talk about the reminder you want next. After that Google will remind you all, if you speak show me my reminders, it will remind you of all reminders.

OK Google, Open an App or Website

Now you can open the website or by speaking the App too. For example- Go to mobles11.com

OK Google, Send an Email

You can also send an email. It means that you can do more than just complete the necessary tasks. All you have to do is email or send email. After this you can type emails.

OK Google, Translate

Now you can also translate, but this requires your Google Translate App which should be installed in your phone.


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