Friends, we all use Android smartphones today, and it's a good thing that we can use memory cards to increase our data storage. And we keep everything in memory card, but suppose that it ever gets corrupted or damaged ? what will you do ?
Do not panic, I have some ideas for this, so friends will talk to us today how to fix / repair your corrupt memory card, how you can recover your damaged or curved memory card, or how to recover its data Are there. Many of us face this problem in Android smartphones. As soon as the memory card is outdated, the possibility of getting worse.So if you are also having this problem, then I will tell you some tips to follow them.

How To Fix/Repair Your Corrupt Memory Card

Method 1 : Rename the Memory Card
If your Memory Card computer is not properly read, you can rename it, that is, give the memory card a different name.

Follow these steps:

  1. Put the Memory Card in your computer.

  2. Now right click on "This PC" option and select "Manage" option.

  3. Now select the "Disk Management" option from the left section of the computer.

  4. Locate the Memory Card and right click on it.

  5. Now click on the "Change Drive Letter and Paths" option, and click on the "Change" option to rename, i.e. rename it.

Now remove the memory card and put it again.

Method 2 : Repair your Memory Card with the help of PC or MacOS
If Method 1 does not work, you can also repair your Memory Card with the help of Windows or MacOS.

For Windows Users:

  1.  Open "This PC" and right click on it.

  2. Then select the "Properties" option.

  3. Now select "Tools" option inside it.

  4.  Scan your Memory Card by clicking on the "Check" button.

Windows users can also use "Command Prompt". For this, open Command Prompt and type "chkdsk / f" and add '/ r' instead of '/ f' to repair.

For MacOS users:

  1. Open "Disk Utility" from the Utilities Program Menu.

  2.  Now select the Memory Card and click on the "First Aid" option.

  3.  And click on the "Repair Disk" button to process it.

Method 3 : Use 3rd Party Software
If none of these work, then your luck is bad, then now you can use 3rd Party Software like the SmoothUS Partition, Recuva, Rescue Pro, perhaps your memory card will recover and you will be able to recover your data. Get help

Method 4 : Format the Memory Card

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